Home Parenteral Nutrition

Home Parenteral Nutrition

Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is defined as parenteral nutrition administered outside the hospital, either at home or at nursing home.

HPN is an integral part of the management of adults and children for all where food and fluids cannot be absorbed normally or if oral/enteral feeding is not possible or sufficient. HPN is considered a valid option for improving quality of life in patients whose conditions require long-term parenteral nutrition.

For instance, home parenteral nutrition may allow patients to manage their needs for additional nutritional intake outside the hospital. For certain patients this may mean in practice:

  • less pressure to eat in sufficient quantities
  • ability to perform daily activities, including family life
  • ability to work
  • ability to travel
  • increased independence in daily life

To know more you can visit our new website dedicated to home parenteral nutrition or you can download the MNI Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Home Parenteral Nutrition

From Hospital to Home with Parenteral Nutrition

People of all ages can be prescribed parenteral nutrition because of varying diseases. Patients with chronic conditions and who need nutritional support can receive parenteral nutrition at home without the need to travel to the hospital. Watch MNI video animation or visit our website www.home-nutritional-care.com for more information.

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