MNI Five-Year Strategy 2023-2027

MNI is proud to present the MNI Strategy 2023-2027, stating our mission, vision and activities for the coming years.

Our mission and vision remain unchangedbut the new Strategy equips MNI to better face current challenges.

The Strategy draws conclusion from the current global health context and assesses opportunities for the field of medical nutrition. The Strategy reflects on MNI’s governance, partnerships, membership and internal functioning, reiterating our focus on exchanging best practices and expertise. This will notably be achieved by supporting projects & joint initiatives to reach disease-related malnutrition-friendly policymaking and health systems.

MNI 3 strategic priorities

MNI delivers on its mission of securing a safe and sustainable supply of high-quality nutritional care to patients suffering from disease-related malnutrition through three strategic priorities. The Strategy additionally advances advocacy, legal and communications as cross-cutting activities to be streamlined across projects. All work will be accompanied by a communication strategy.

Download the MNI Strategy 2023-2027​​​​​​​