MNI has adopted its first Code of Conduct.

“MNI Rules of Conduct are one of the most important ways that we provide confidence to MNI members, stakeholders and instutional organisations, as well as the public that MNI and its members act competently and ethically” said Catherine Hartmann, MNI Executive Director. “It is important to openly display and share MNI’s ways of operating to members and stakeholders” she added.

The Code was adopted following a wide consultation of MNI members, who also involved their legal services so at to make the rules as robust as possible and adapted to MNI functioning. MNI benefited from the genuine support of its constituents, including working group members to develop what we believe will be a key element to enhance MNI’s transparency and commitment to ethical behaviours, within a profession that is sometimes finger pointed as being insufficiently communicating.

The Code reflects existing good practice in the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and general care, and will be reviewed every year so as to assess its actual validity and adequacy to current practice. What does the Code of Conduct contain? It sets minimum standards for MNI and its Members, to help avoid potential conflicts of interest, healthcare fraud and abuse as well as corrupt or other illegal activities and support ethical and transparent interactions with the Healthcare Community. It covers, inter alia the following topics:

-  Applicable laws, Codes and Principles of Healthcare Compliance

-  MNI relations with Patients, Patient Organisations and Multi-Stakeholder Organisations

-  MNI interactions with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations Interactions

And more.

Download MNI Code of Conduct