• "We don't want to make noise - We want to create a voice!"

    Key take-aways of the multi-stakeholder session on cancer care & presentations to download

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  • 2024 MNI Grant - criteria published

    Download the Flyer and Template to apply

    Deadline: 30 April 2024

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  • MNI announces two MNI Grant winners at ESPEN

    MNI congratulates the winners and trusts that their projects will positively impact the development of nutritional care and support patients in their journey towards recovery. 

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  • PRESS RELEASE: Nomination of Angelika Müller as MNI President

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  • Annual Report 2022

    MNI's accomplishments in 2022

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  • MNI 5-year Strategy 2023-2027

    Striving for better health while facing current challenges

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  • Factors contributing to unequal patient access to home parenteral nutrition in Europe

    A White Paper

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  • What is a Food for Special Medical Purposes? and how to recognise it?

    Found out 6 easy ways to recognise an FSMP and how to distinguish them from General or Fortified Foods

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Welcome to MNI – the Medical Nutrition International Industry association

MNI – the Medical Nutrition International Industry association – is the voice of the medical nutrition industry at international level. 

We represent companies providing solutions for nutritional therapy: Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS), Enteral Tube Feeding (enteral nutrition via the gastrointestinal tract), and Parenteral Nutrition (intravenous feeding) - as well as other actors operating in the medical nutrition market, such as ingredients and medical devices for nutritional care.

MNI works to achieve better care through better nutrition, across all ages and healthcare settings.

Disease-Related Malnutrition and Medical Nutrition

Factsheet on Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition Dossier & Summary Booklet

Infographic on Malnutrition

Video animation on cost-effective benefits of ONS

Malnutrition in Cancer

Value of Medical Nutrition in Oncology - Evidence Dossier 2020

Infographic "Cancer care: why nutrition matters"

Christine - cancer patient on home parenteral nutrition

Integrating nutritional therapy in cancer treatment

COVID-19 and Nutritional Management

Factsheet: ''Medical Nutrition Benefits in Covid-19 Patients''

Infographic "Why is nutritional care important for patients with COVID-19 across the healthcare continuum?"

Recommendations on nutritional care of patients with COVID-19 issued by scientific societies and patient organisations

Award: €40,000

Deadline: 30 April 2024

The 2024 MNI Grant criteria were launched at the 2023 ESPEN Congress during the multi-stakeholder session and MNI Grant Ceremony.


On 13th September 2023, several stakeholders gathered during the ESPEN Congress to present and discuss how advancing nutritional care for patients with cancer in Europe. The 2023 MNI Grant was awarded…

MNI is thrilled to announce that the 2023 MNI Grant was exceptionally awarded to two fantastic projects to celebrate the Grant's 15th anniversary.

With 2023 marking the 15th anniversary of the MNI Grant for Optimal Nutritional Care, MNI recently organised a series of interviews to look back at previous ambitious initiatives and their successes…