• Factors contributing to unequal access to home parenteral nutrition (HPN) in Europe

    A White Paper

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  • What is a Food for Special Medical Purposes? and how to recognise it?

    Found out 6 easy ways to recognise an FSMP and how to distinguish them from General or Fortified Foods

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  • 2023 MNI Grant Criteria published!

    Deadline to apply: 30 April 2023

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  • MNI welcomes the European Parliament Resolution on Cancer integrating nutritional care

    Nutritional care included in the integrated approach by the European Parliament Resolution to strengthen the fight against cancer

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  • Medical Nutrition Benefits in Covid-19 Patients

    Factsheet : "Medical Nutrition Benefits in Covid-19 Patients"

    Medical nutrition may lead to decreased length-of-stay and readmissions, and to reduced associated costs in non-ventilated hospitalised Covid-19 patients.


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Welcome to MNI – the Medical Nutrition International Industry association

MNI – the Medical Nutrition International Industry association – is the voice of the medical nutrition industry at international level. 

We represent companies providing solutions for nutritional therapy: Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS), Enteral Tube Feeding (enteral nutrition via the gastrointestinal tract), and Parenteral Nutrition (intravenous feeding) - as well as other actors operating in the medical nutrition market, such as ingredients and medical devices for nutritional care.

MNI works to achieve better care through better nutrition, across all ages and healthcare settings.

Disease-Related Malnutrition and Medical Nutrition

Factsheet on Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition Dossier & Summary Booklet

Infographic on Malnutrition

Video animation on cost-effective benefits of ONS

Malnutrition in Cancer

Value of Medical Nutrition in Oncology - Evidence Dossier 2020

Infographic "Cancer care: why nutrition matters"

Christine - cancer patient on home parenteral nutrition

Integrating nutritional therapy in cancer treatment

COVID-19 and Nutritional Management

Factsheet: ''Medical Nutrition Benefits in Covid-19 Patients''

Infographic "Why is nutritional care important for patients with COVID-19 across the healthcare continuum?"

Recommendations on nutritional care of patients with COVID-19 issued by scientific societies and patient organisations

Despite the proven benefits of home parenteral nutrition (HPN), the extent to which it is used across Europe varies markedly. Reasons for this include:

- The absence of legislative frameworks to…

It is not always easy to understand the differences among various categories of food products and under which law they are regulated. MNI has developed a statement of principles intended to provide…

The MNI Grant 2023 criteria are out!

Deadline: 30 April 2023

Vienna, 5 September 2022 - The 2022 MNI Grant was awarded to the project "Empowering junior medical oncology clinicians on cancer-related malnutrition" submitted by SINPE (Italian Society of Clinical…