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Grant Winners 2008-2013

Key Drivers in the Fight Against Malnutrition in Europe

Sharing of Best Practices is always a great way to stimulate discussion and action, and so MNI has invited the MNI Grant winners from 2008-13 to share an update on their achievements since winning the grant in form of recorded presentations. These recordings intend to share insight into successful national initiatives in the fight against malnutrition to get inspired, learn from, and build upon, previous work done in this area.In the videos from the MNI Grant winners you can see the processes, policies and guidelines which have been developed, and how these have been implemented effectively to lead to improvements in patient outcomes and healthcare benefits.

As the work is not yet done, the fight against malnutrition will continue, and we want to encourage all health care professionals to consider how to change practices in nutritional screening and management for the better health of their patients.

Please enjoy the videos and handouts developed for each grant winner by following the links below.

Hungry for change - raising public and political awareness of malnutrition in the UK - BAPEN (2008)

Marinos Elia, UK

Initiative: BAPEN’s broad based strategic fight against malnutrition in the UK has focused on the following: creating a sound scientific base accompanied by translational research; long-term commitment and leadership; and establishing joined up thinking with a top down and bottom-up approach in order to achieve practical change. The MNI award has not only facilitated implementation of BAPEN’s strategic plans over the past 5 years but it has also built a sound platform to extend its work in the next period.

Access BAPEN national initiative poster

Fighting Malnutrition with a Multi-modal Strategic Approach: The Danish Experience (2009)

Henrik Hojgaard Rasmussen, Denmark

From the mid nineties a joint venture between the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish National Board of Health, politicians and an advisory board under the auspice of DAPEN developed a strategic multi-modal approach to fight malnutrition. This approach led to the establishment of national guidelines and accreditation in all Danish hospitals concerning nutritional aspects, a strategic information system on awareness and prevalence of undernutrition, guidelines and a large growth of formal nutrition teams and with clear competencies.

Access DAPEN national initiative poster

Top-down and bottom-up approach of malnutrition leads to a decrease in prevalence rates in all health care settings in the Netherlands, NESPEN (2010)

Jacqueline Langius, Neitherlands

Objective: To stimulate early recognition, prevention and optimal treatment of malnutrition in the Netherlands and to stimulate scientific research on the problem of malnutrition.

Access NESPEN national initiative poster

Fighting against malnutrition in Spain: from awareness to action. Putting together all stakeholders SENPE (2011)

Rosa Burgos, Spain

Objective: New actions to establish recommendations that facilitate decision-making and interventions to prevent and early-diagnose disease-related hospital malnutrition, management of nutritional support methods, actions to evaluate nutritional treatment compliance and efficacy: Situation Assessment, Education/Training, Spread the Word, Public Policies.

Access SENPE national initiative poster

Fighting malnutrition in Greece: from idleness to mobilization - key actions to achieve awareness and new legislation, GrESPEN (2012)

Michael Chourdakis, Greece

Initiative and objective: To persuade politicians to incorporate changes in the Greek legislation regarding Clinical Nutrition issues that would be mandatory to be followed in every public hospital. To provide Greek caregivers (doctors, dieticians, nurses, pharmacists) with informational material (e.g. guidelines, modules) in Greek, in a user-friendly and cost-free way. 

Access GrESPEN national initiative poster

To build a compelling case for a national strategy to fight malnutrition (2013)

N. Rice, Ireland

Initiative: Newly formed IrSPEN employed a highly focused strategy to address major gaps in data, awareness, policy and practice in relation to disease-related malnutrition and its management within the Irish healthcare system. Five key action areas included: (1) development of a local evidence base from which to build a compelling business case for action; (2) driving awareness through continuous generation of ‘news’: (3) introduction of nutrition training into postgraduate medical education; and (4) leveraging the power of partnerships with key organisations and individual experts to achieve the greatest possible progress in the shortest time frame.

Access IrSPEN national initiative poster

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